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Related post: Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 chldren bbs pedo 19:21:33 -0700 (PDT) From: Jeff Spencer Subject: Queer Factor, Part 2 (M/t/b, oral, anal)This is a completely fictional story of sex among teenage males and under aged boys. If you're not supposed to be reading, because ls teen sex bbs you're too young, or it's illegal where you are, then don't read it. Please make a donation to the free board that posted this, too. This story, like all of my stories, is copyrighted, and wholly my property. Stories by Jeff Spencer can be found at, at the "Prolific Internet Authors" page, under the name, Jeffspencer. Any use other than personal must be preceded by a grant of permission for use. If you enjoy this story, please drop me a line at to let me know. All letters are answered!==========================================When we left Part 1, Eric was in jeopardy of losing in Round 1 of the competition......"How'd you like it?" Bobby, my best friend, said."Fuck you," I said. Bobby looked uncertainly at me."You mad or something?" he said."Well, I'm in last place. I just swallowed some guy's load, and if I lose anyway, I'm gonna be pissed!" I said."D'ya think that guy was cute?" Bobby said. What the teen anal bbs fuck? Cute?"I dunno," I said. uncensored bbs I was worrying about how Jeff, the last guy, was gonna do. His challenge, some beefy lookin' guy, was already settling his naked bright red fat ass onto the sofa. Just my luck, probably some redneck who wasn't gettin' any from his wife, cause she was tired of his premature ejaculations. With my luck this guy'd be done in 30 seconds, and I'd be fucked out of the first round."Start," the host guy said, as Jeff settled in on the guy's stubby 4" penis.I turned to Bobby and said, "Hey man, it looks like I'm gonna get knocked out of this. But I want you to bbs teenie links win, I know you can-" Bobby craned his neck to look past me at the 2 on the sofa, and I heard a loud, muttered, "Shit!" from Jeff. I turned around to look and started laughing. The fucking fat guy, sure enough, small lollitas bbs had shot his load within the 12449 bbs first 30 seconds and apparently Jeff hadn't been quite ready for it. He had a big, fat glob of the guy's cum dripping toplist bbs mode down his cheek, just below his eye.Bobby said, "He's lucky he bbs pedo tgp pics didn't put his eye out!" and giggled. "Eric, that means you're in for the next round! Yeah, buddy!""Hey, congrats to you, too, Bobby," I said. Meanwhile, Jeff was trying to argue that since the Ynderage bbs cum hadn't touched the floor, he oughta be the winner, but the host was having none of it, and he was hustled out."Congratulations, you three," the host said to Bobby, Mark and me. "We'll be moving on to the second round now, since you are hopefully at least a little aroused. You'll need to be for this round.""Watch, we'll be fucking ugly fat girls," I whispered loudly, and both Mark and Bobby looked at me dubiously. "Well, that might not be so bad," said Mark, "my girlfriend's a little, uh plump, so I'd like that."I teased him a little. "Colossally fat girls, with tits about a hundred pounds each, hanging down to their hips, with that greasy, smelly sweat that unwashed fat girls get, giant bushes around their rancid cunts, bad teeth, shit nude nymph bbs stuck in the creases between bbs sandra models their smelly pussies and their immense asses, yeah, that won't be so bad......"Both of the guys looked at me like I was crazy. "Geez, Eric, that'd make me puke, I think," Bobby said. Mark nodded."Aww, my girlfriend doesn't look like that!" Mark said"Hey, I was just kiddin'," I said."Gentlemen, please come with me," the host announced. We walked over to the far end of the giant room, where there was a bedroom set up. "Your challenge will indeed be to fuck someone, but it won't be a fat girl. You may even find it to be a pleasant experience! As in the first challenge, speed of completion bbs ped kid will ranchi bbs svens determine the winners. The ls nymphs bbs person who takes longest to cum inside their challenge, will be eliminated. The challenges have been verified as having no semen inside them, so our detecting the presence of semen will verify your having cum.""Geez," Mark said. "Won't this be kind of a quick contest? I mean, as long as it's a girl, and a guy's straight and in her pussy, I'd think he'd cum pretty damn fast!""Yes, he would, if it were a girl," the host said with a smile. "And if he were straight. So, perhaps you should meet the 3 challenges. Bring them out, please," he told one of the men lingering by the door of the mysterious room. Out came 3 of the most beautiful young boys I had ever seen in my life! The first 2 boys in line were very feminine looking, slim, light-haired and blue-eyed, with dainty features, maybe 11 years old or possibly younger. I guessed they were about 80 kiddy bbs board pounds each, and barely 5' tall. Their facial features were quite beautiful, with that innate beauty seen in almost every English and Russian child. I couldn't tell their heritage precisely, but I guessed probably one of those 2 countries.The 3rd boy was very definitely Russian, from a part of that vast country closer to Asia, with the very slightest hint of asian features on his red cheeked face, a trace in his eyes which were black, as black as his hair, which was straight, but curly at the ends, and with a charming cowlick. He was a little bigger and older, perhaps 12, and 5'2" and maybe 100 pounds. His nose was snub, and his teeth slightly crooked, but on him it was attractive. The boyish features contrasted with the fierce expression on his face, creating an interesting picture.Mark gasped, and I know both Bobby nudist naturist bbs and I sucked in our breath involuntarily. I was bbs teen boy surprised to feel my cock becoming erect as I looked at the boys, whose long hair curled onto their naked shoulders, and who were wearing only brightly colored, tight mini-shorts, nude art bbs portal which exposed most of their slim, hairless thighs, full round asses, and skinny angels bbs we could even see their little packages, of boyish size in every case. Their naked chests displayed their pink nipples, contrasting against their pale, creamy skin. Their bellies were slightly rounded, in that young boy way, their tiny navels innies, love bbs toplist and on the black-haired boy, an outie. Each boy had a short, perfectly formed nose and full, ruby lips that seemed to pout, full of pleasure and promising ecstasy.I couldn't believe the kinds of thoughts I was experiencing, they were new to pedo child porn bbs me, and very pleasant. The first boy, one of the light haired boys, walked over to the bed, no more than 10 feet from us. "Strip down, please, and lay on the bed in the position you find most comfortable, Stefan," the host said. The boy smiled, then shimmied the tight short shorts down his slim legs, turned, showing us his perfectly round, unblemished boy bottom, with bbs kinder models its hint of a dark crevice between those mounds, and scampered over to the bed porno bbs pedo and jumped bbs boy on it in a carefree way, bouncing up and down for a few seconds, his small 3" uncut cock with its hood of pink flesh, bouncing along with it, then getting up on his hands and knees on the bed, with his ass facing directly at the 3 of us, his inner opening more fully exposed now. He looked coyly at us over his shoulder."Mark, you're first," the host said. Mark stripped down, looked at the host and said, "I'm not sure I can do this, I mean, I'm straight.....""If you wish hxxp bbs ukrain to win the quarter of a million dollars, you'll explore the possibility that you're not," he said. My cock was hard as a rock, bbs vicky truth be told, and I looked over at Bobby, who was discreetly pressing at a bulge in his pants. Mark walked over to the bbs 11yo top bed, and climbed on behind the boy. He found a big bottle of K-Y on the table adjacent, poured some on his semi-hard dick, which was about 6" long and uncut. He mounted the boy, Stefan, and tried to get the head of his penis in the boy's little hole. Stefan wiggled his warm butt accomodatingly against Mark's decent sized dick, the head immediately finding the notch in the boy's bottom."Ohh," sighed Stefan, and my cock tingled at the sound of the young boy's sexually inspired sighs. "Sir, it feels so nice......please, put it inside me. I desire your giant penis in my bottom, please sir!" I free bbs girls was about great lotlita bbs ready to cum, but Mark hot pedo bbs seemed to be having trouble. I stole glances at the other 2 young boys, one of whom would apparently be my partner later. Both boys were quite beautiful, but I found myself more attracted to the young blonde, as he fidgeted, going from one foot to the other, like, well, a little boy who has to pee.Finally, though, after the host counted off the `5 minute' point, Mark had gotten his cock stiff, and inside the boy's ass. "Ohh, that's SO good, please fuck me good and proper, sir! I've been very bad, and I need your fucking to teach young girls bbs movies me a lesson!" Damn! I could see the boy's little cock hanging down, hard as wood, and I found myself imagining it had been his little dick in my mouth fozya bbs board before, his sweet boy juices leaking into my mouth, betraying his excitement pedo lola bbs at having a man's cock up his ass, while I sucked his boyish prick.I was swayed from my reverie, by the host announcing "11 minutes," and shortly thereafter, following some ragged, forced pumping by Mark into Stefan's tight hole, photos nudes bbs sex Mark announced he'd cum, and he withdrew quickly, his dick looking somewhat deflated, and Stefan appearing somewhat disappointed. The host walked over to Stefan bbs teenie as he lay on the bed, and, speaking gently to him, proceeded to separate Stefan's pale, round ass cheeks in order to inspect his anus.From our vantage point, the boy's ass hole looked much as it had before, surprising to me since, from my experience fucking girls kinder bbs porno in the ass, there ought to be some amount of reddening in the area. The host poked bbs bondage at the tightly puckered rear hole archives bbs fresh pics gently with his finger, then brought his nose close to that opening. Wrinkling his nose, he turned to the contestants and declared, "You are disqualified. You failed to cum inside this boy's ass, and, as you have left the bed, you are no longer eligible to compete."Mark stomped out, his face bright red.I turned to Bobby and embraced him. "Bobby, tgp svens bbs porn that means we're both gonna advance, we've just gotta cum!" I was acutely aware for the first time of his body against mine, of his warmth, and smooth skin, the fresh fragrance of his body, bbs list russian boys even the smell of cum on his breath, and most of all, elwebbs bbs tgp I could feel his erection pressing into my thigh! Bobby was enjoying the ass fucking of a young boy every bit as much as I did! What did that say about each of us, I wondered."Eric, you're next," the host said. "Since Mark failed to cum, we'll have a little change of plans. You'll be fucking Stefan, here." My bbs child porn cock leaped at the thought of nestling inside that tight hole. I almost leaped over to him on the bed. I tried not to look too enthusiastic, but after swallowing a load of another guy's cum for the first time, and getting innocent bbs porno pictures whiffs of a lot of other guys' crotches and asses, I was getting horny.I slipped my jeans down, with my cock tenting out my jockeys. Stefan looked around him to see my dick poking way out, and his eyes widened. "Oh yes, a big cock! You will fuck me, yes? ls magazine bbs models Hard and in the ass? Be my man, fuck teenmodels bbs your lover! But the jelly I need for your big log!" I slathered on the K-Y all over my 9" rod."Would you like some in your hole, man?" I asked. He movie bbs fuck nodded, sandra teenmodel bbs and wiggling his round butt, offered himself to me. I covered my index and middle finger in K-Y and slid them into his hole. It was tight and hot. It wasn't the first time I'd had my fingers up somebody's ass, of course. I'd fucked several girls in their butts, and both my fingers and cock had delved into their recesses. There was something about this boy's ass, though, that was much better than the girls'.Stefan would squeeze his ass muscles when lola models bbs he felt my fingers withdrawing, as though he were reluctant to lose the sensation of something hard up his ass. All the girls I'd known had constantly complained that "it hurts!" and bullshit like that. They hadn't cooed and sighed, either, the way Stefan was. It was obvious he loved feeling his ass filled. That added so nudist member bbs much to my pleasure, that I decided to really get in the game. I thrust inside his hole with 2, then 3 fingers, the slick heat of Stefan's rectum gliding against them as my fingers moved in and out."I'm gonna fuck your sweet little hole with my big, hot cock, okay baby? I'm gonna fuckin' fill your boy twat with my fat rod, creamin' inside your hot ass, you slutty cunt!" We were both getting very excited by this point, and I didn't want to be disqualified on some technicality, like shooting my load before I even got in, so I quickly knelt between Stefan's legs, and he spread them further as he knelt, facing away from me, to allow me more room and to open his rear hole a little more. I'd be fucking him doggy style.I held my 9" rod in my right hand, and pushed forward until the fat head of my cock was nestled in the puckered slit, but not yet inside. The KY was very slick, and when Stefan sighed, and pushed back against me, the head of my cock popped into his hole after passing the slight obstruction of his wrinkled anal zeps girls bbs muscle. "Oh!" said Stefan. "So good, it feels so nice! Fuck me, please!"I gradually slid my hard rod inch after inch past the silky flesh of his boyish rectum, his warm grip on me increasing as I explored deeper and deeper inside his tight boy twat. I paused for a second, imagining what it might have felt like if Mark had deposited a load of cum inside this enchanting slutty dasha avi bbs hole, and the thought of sloppy seconds from a boy's ass excited me even more. "Fuck, Stefan, I love fucking your bitch hole! I'd like to fuck your ass deep when it's full of a kids bbs nude man's cream!! Would you like to get fucked by more than one guy, slut?""Ohh! Yes!!" gasped the young boy. fozya free bbs "God, I want to be fucked by many men!! Please fuck me deep, and hard with your giant dick!! Shoot a tiny little porn bbs hot load of sticky cum inside me!! Make me your bitch, daddy!! Uhh!! Fuck!!" I could see his hand, like a blur, stroking up and down his little prick. "Then I'd like you to suck all the cum out image bbs kids nonude of my ass, and share it with me in a deep kiss, daddy!!"When he said that, something I'd latina models bbs never even come near considering, I blew my load. "Fuck, Stefan, I'm cummin' inside you, baby!! I'm fuckin' your hot, sweet hole!!" I could feel my cum splattering inside Stefan's child models free bbs cute little rectum, my sperm coating his insides, maybe for the next bbs non nude pics guy to fuck him, maybe for some lucky guy to eat out of his anus. I thrust my hips rapidly against his soft, round buttocks until I stopped spewing petite models bbs my cream, then pulled out so that the host could see I'd finished."3 lolasex bbs minutes, 15 seconds!" announced the host, though I figured it was academic at this point. "Now I must check to see if you actually did cum," he said. He gently pushed Stefan and the bbs vombat galleries young boy raised his ass up. The host gently separated the boy's pink ass cheeks, exposing his ass pucker, now bright red, swollen and slimy looking from my pounding and cum. He brought his nose close to the boy's hole and sniffed delicately. "Hmm, yes, it smells like cum, and certainly, boy ass, but we must be sure."With that, the host's tongue lapped at Stefan's young butt hole, gallery bbs teen lapping up my semen as it leaked out of his hole. "Mmm," the host said, with satisfaction. top 50 teen bbs "Oh yes, you did indeed cum, young man, and quite a bit, too! Quite tasty!" After he licked the boy's ass for a few more minutes, he finally stopped, pulled his face off the dark lola bbs angel cute bottom, and whispered in the boy's ear. Stefan turned, smiled, and began to scamper off to the mysterious room. Half way there, he turned to me, his cock now only semi-hard, but looking down at a long thread of his own cum on his hairless thigh, and said, "Thank you, sir, for fucking me, you even made me cum on myself!"The host turned to me and said, "Quite good, young man," though I don't know if he was referring to my effort, or the taste of my cum. "Now, it is time for your friend." I looked over at Bobby, and damned if he didn't have a major league woody, even though his cock is pretty small. His khakis were tented out, and he was rubbing it through the fabric. The host gestured, said "Adrik," and the 3rd boy sauntered over to the bed in a cocksure way.The black haired boy gay bear bbs grinned at Bobby, who walked uncertainly over to him by the side of the bed. To the surprise of all of us, bbs teens angels forum the young boy threw his arms around Bobby's neck, and rapidly brought his mouth up to Bobby in a passionate, deep kiss. Bobby didn't respond at first, but as the boy's tongue penetrated his mouth and the boy's hand fondled Bobby's little crotch rocket, Bobby began humping the boy's dark kinder bbs hand.I hoped that Bobby wouldn't blow it by cumming in his pants, though that would be good for me, by the rules of the game. Bobby's hands clamped onto the boy's shapely ass cheeks through the skimpy tiny bbs nn pics fabric covering them, and I could see the boy rotating them into Bobby's grasp. Bobby pushed the boy, Adrik, down onto the bed and as he bounced on his back, Adrik giggled coquetteishly, and grinned up at Bobby. Adrik spread eagled his legs enticingly, his little package making a prominent lump in the shorts. Bobby, standing between the boy's spread legs, ripped his khakis down til they pooled on the floor, his white jockey shorts tenting out from his hard on. Adrik reached up and, placing his hands on Bobby's hips, slipped his underpants down over his thighs, Bobby's small woody poking up.Adrik licked his lips, and Bobby fell on to him, their bodies pressing together, their lips joining once again. Bobby furiously pulled down Adrik's tight mini-shorts, the boy lifting his butt up so that they'd slip off him. Bobby worked them down Adrik's legs, nonude teen bbs all the while their two bodies and mouths joined in consensual pleasure. After he had kicked off the shorts, the only piece of clothing the dark-haired boy had been wearing, Adrik pulled his thighs up toward his chest, bringing his ass hole into line with Bobby's erect cock. I could see Adrik's anus gaping open, a deep pink hole in his creamy white ass, and I felt a strange hunger, and curiosity about how that hole would taste and smell, and feel under my tongue.Bobby began reaching over to the bedside table for the K-Y, but Adrik shook his head. "No, please, dry fuck me!" he whispered into Bobby's ear, though those of us close to the couple could hear him. "I thai slut bbs would like magic bbs teen you to teen sunbbs fuck me hard, with no lubricant." Bobby didn't hesitate, but immediately stabbed his cock into the little boy's anus."Aaagh!" yelled under12 bbs rompl Adrik. "Fuck, it hurts!" Bobby hesitated, but felt Adrik ramming his ass back up at Bobby's stabbing cock. "No, don't stop!" Adrik begged. "Fuck me harder! Hurt me, please, lover!!" Bobby rammed him hard. "Aaaah, yes, that's it," the boy sobbed. "Fuck me with your man's dick! teen nede bbs Cum inside me, make me wet!!" Bobby looked like a piston, ramming his little cock into the young boy's ass, and Adrik was meeting him, thrust for thrust."Fuck, Adrik, I'm fucking your little cunt! I'm filling your hot little cunt!! Fuck, so good!" Bobby moaned, as he shot his load inside Adrik's tight boy hole. From stories he'd told, I thought that Bobby, although he had a little cock, made up for it with the amount of his loads. Judging from his spasmodic thrusts, I'd guess he shot 7 or 8 loads inside the boy's ass. Adrik moaned while Bobby was cumming, then the 2 youths slumped together, both cumming at the same time.Bobby remembered that he had to pull out to stop the clock, though it was probably academic. As his fleshy bbs photo girl butt plug popped out of Adrik's now reddish hole, I saw a gush of creamy cum follow it out of the boy's hole, and continue to gush. Damn, I thought, that IS a lot of cum! As Bobby lifted his stomach off Adrik's, I noticed a copious amount of sticky white fluid between the 2 of them. Apparently Adrik's dick, trapped between their stomachs while Bobby was fucking the 12 year old, had also shot a fair load of his young boy cum onto both of their stomachs. The boy's cock, now shrinking, looked to be about 5" long, and cut. I was curious to see what it would look like fully erect. Bobby got up and walked over to me, grinning, his cock still semi-hard, a pearl of cum still dripping from his tight, reddish piss slit."4 minutes, 45 seconds" proclaimed the host. "Now to check," he chuckled, though it was plain to see that Bobby had indeed cum, as juice was still oozing out of the boy's tight ass. Adrik pulled his legs back up to his chest again, Incest cartoons bbs to allow full access pedo dark illegal bbs to his rear passage. The host brought his face close to Adrik's oozing asshole, and his tongue lightly flicked at the flood of semen pulsing out of the opening."Ahh," muttered the host, a sentiment echoed bbs pic boy by Adrik as he felt a man's tongue caressing nudist young teen bbs his sweet anus. The host began thrusting his tongue, which was quite long, into the young boy's bbs illegal underground puckered hole, and Adrik wiggled and squealed with delight. "Ah, thank you so much!" he cooed, as the tongue lapped up the overflowing cum. I felt my own dick hardening, as I watched the 2 fantasy teen bbs in their 11 yo model bbs oral-anal iboard3 boys under bbs play. I looked at Bobby, whose eyes were glued to the sight. His dick, too, was hard. I felt an urge elweb bbs nudist to hold his cock, but felt funny about doing it in front of the others.To my surprise, I felt Bobby's hand gently grasping my hard on, and lightly stroking it. I wasn't even sure if he was conscious of what he was doing, caught up as he was in the sexy scene in front of us. asien girl bbs board I let my right hand slip around and cup Bobby's smooth round butt cheek, and he smiled up at me encouragingly. So he DID know he was stroking my cock! Heartened, I slipped my fingers between his warm ass cheeks, and I could feel a hot spot at his butt opening.As everyone else seemed to be focused on the host eating out Adrik's cum-filled ass, I became bolder, and slipped my index finger right inside Bobby's tight, puckered anus. Bobby groaned, and pushed back against my hand. I was afraid someone might see, so, after lingering inside Bobby's bottom for a minute or two, I withdrew my finger, then, for some reason unknown kdz pedo bbs to me, I brought my finger bbs computing west which had been deep inside my best friend's asshole, up to my nose to sniff.I inhaled the musk model nude child bbs of Bobby's hot ass which bbs mixman coated my finger, and felt my dick start to leak dark bbs girl at this inhalation of male hormones and heat. The wonderfully spicy smell of Bobby's ass went straight to my cock, particularly with Bobby surreptitiously jacking me off. At old illegall bbs that teen bbs galleries moment I was feeling very confused by my sexual responses. I'd never had any kind bbs incest forum of gay experience, yet here I was - I'd sucked a man's cock, and swallowed his hot load of kogal free tgp bbs sticky cum, I'd fucked a cute young boy's tight ass hole, and shot a major load up his rectum, and here I was getting hard, and leaking pre cum, while watching a man eat out a young boy's cum filled ass, and my best friend slowly stroking my cock as I sniffed his ass scent appreciatively.Is it any wonder I was confused?At just that moment, the host withdrew his face from Adrik's cute young ass, nude yo gallery bbs smacking his lips happily, and pronouncing Bobby's nudist picture bbs job of cumming inside the boy "Quite satisfactory! Of course, the two of you will pedo bbs boys link now advance to the final round!"Then the host announced the final challenge that Bobby and I would pussy bbs forum face, and I nearly collapsed.===============Well, that's the end of Part 2, stay tuned for Part 3. If you'd like to let me know what you thought of it, contact me at young pussy bbs Thanks, Jeff
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